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Ailsa's and Joans meeting with Jonny Anstead and Mike Bodkin (Friday 15th October).

All comments and suggestions were made for the worst case scenario if planning permission were to be granted although with the bias of non development.

The meeting was friendly and courteous as we discussed underlying issues.

1.      The emergency access is still from the metal gate in Pincents Lane (half way down the hill with magnificent views over the valley) To my point of view they have really shot themselves in the foot as they have admitted that there could possibly be a delay from the Sainsbury;s end of Pincents Lane and they wish to avoid this.  However I think that by using Pincents Hill that may cause an extra 10/15 minutes delay by coming via the A4, Langley Hill, and City Road.

2.      Construction vehicles will not come via City Road, but from the Sainsbury's Savacentre route.

3       Construction to take a minimum of 2+ years.

4.      They confirmed that they will not be undertaking the building works themselves but this site will be passed on to another firm of  builders with undertakings to comply with the drawn plan with the open spaces to be protected in perpetuity.

5.      They have shown the bollards are to be moved to approx the rear access door to Pincents Manor with a turning circle for the development and a new turning circle for the existing residents of
Pincents Lane, large enough to accommodate oil tankers and dust carts, etc.

6.      On the proposed development bridges will be built over the footpaths where the roads on the development would otherwise have crossed.

7.      They have allocated an extra hectare to the anticipated parkland, the format of which is open to discussion as explained at the meeting that a flower meadow needs expensive and careful management and would not really be that friendly to wild life but they are willing to listen and learn with suggestions welcomed.

8.     We asked the where Lleylandi hedges/trees were named that these be changed to woodland varieties as more eco/animal/bird friendly.

9.      They were at pains to state that Pincents Hill is privately owned and the only part that should be available to the public are the footpaths which they say they could have fenced in so as not to allow trespassing oh the remainder of the hill,  They said that they didn't and would not but it was an option that was open to them  I said that unfortunately dogs couldn't read the signs that were  there  and many of the downtrodden paths could very well be caused by the wildlife not necessarily by "trespassers".

10.    If this amended plan does not succeed then the financial backer/owner could decide to sell on to recoup the monies already spent and the result could very well be that the whole hill would be developed with no consideration being given to incorporating the large green space that is anticipated in this revised plan.

11.     They said that traffic was no longer an issue as West Berks (and even the 500+ dwellings in Theale and Calcot that had either be built  or had received planning approval since their application was submitted in January 2019 had been taken into consideration for traffic purposes)

12     They said that they had listened to the general public and used a possible domestic plot to incorporate the space for a GP surgery but the Health Authority had vetoed this by saying it did not wish to take income from the already established GPs.   They are leaving it as a possible venue for other health services.

13.    They asked for a possible organisation that could manage the green areas of the site.  I suggested Tilehurst Parish Council (which I think could possible ask for an increased CIL monies - this could happen whether the development takes place or not).  Ailsa made reference to a nature conservation organisation (?)

14.     They wish to keep in contact with Ailsa for the ecological matters on the site.


Following Monday nights 18th October Tilehurst Parish Council's Extraordinary meeting with Mike Bodkin of U&I (the proposed developers of Pincents Hill of , I think it's necessary to look at this situation in an entirely different way to explain why we have this situation as many people didn't understand how they situation had arisen, I apologise now to those who do.

We all know that the Government informs the local authorities of how many houses it wants built in different areas and then the local councils have an obligation to meet these targets.  In order to find possible sites for development it asks owners of land who may wish to take the opportunity to sell their land to register with the Council, the Council then organises a meeting to meet with potential developers.  If possible landowners subsequently meet up with interested purchasers (developers) it can result in a Planning Application after making enquiries of the Local Authority's departments.

I don't think we can criticise the developers to develop any plots of land seeing the process involved.  The owners of the land who want to sell their land and make a profit start the process. The process would appear to have worked well in the past but does produce anomalies like Pincents Hill where the Council is approached by vendors and I think it has a statutory duty to offer this site as a possible site for development even if it is against existing policies.  I am hoping with the Governments rethink on greenfield and greenbelt land that this process will be changed and updated.

 This process was led by the Government who had an obligation to meet housing needs.  However, in the last couple of weeks there has been an absolute U-turn by our Prime Minister who has pledged that this Government will not build on greenfield or greenbelt land and states that Brownfield land should be targeted.  Ministers are asking for over 200,000 proposed new homes to be built on greenfield or greenbelt land to have planning permission rescinded and not to go ahead.  However it will take time to ratify this approach and time is against us.

I will expand on what I would like to happen.  That West Berks with the pressure removed to build on Greenfields adopts its aims as stated, to provide and fulfill its green strategies and policies and support COP with our MP Alan Sharma and the Governments new policy.  Because, if it allows this area to be built on, it would seem to have double standards by allowing one of finest areas of biodiversity to be concreted over, it would appear to be adopting double standards as well as breaking NPPF rules and some of its own existing green policies. (It is tied up in a quandary - an internal conflict).   If this example were to be widely known what credibility could possibly be given a) to our MP (chairing the COP endeavour), b) the endeavour itself by our Government or c) our local authority if their ideals cannot even save this patch of land - lets's face it they have to start somewhere?

I am not a political animal but I do think the answer to the house building problem in the South could be eased by encouraging firms with offers/ incentives by the Government to go north to areas of great unemployment to give people the opportunity of staying north if they want to and not to move out of necessity.

Letter from The Right Honourable Alok Sharma MP

Dear ............



Once again, I am writing to you regarding potential development on Pincents Hill.


I have been informed that U+I and TOWN have submitted additional information for their planning application for the Pincents Hill site, application ref: 19/00113/OUTMAJ.


These documents can be found here:


Should you wish to comment on these additional information, you now have until Tuesday 16th February 2021 to submit your comments to West Berkshire Council.


If you want to see Pincents Hill retained as a valuable local amenity, you will, once again, need to make your views clear to West Berkshire Council.


Anyone can register their views with West Berkshire Council by submitting comments, quoting planning application no 19/00113/OUTMAJ, via the Council’s online Public Access system or emailing


West Berkshire Council’s guide to making a representation can be found here and the Council’s Personal Data Disclaimer can be found here.


Whatever your views, please register them with West Berkshire Council, so local voices can be heard loud and clear.


Yours sincerely,




Some people have been criticising our MP for his tardy reply.  This was unavoidable as he was, I believe, out of the country on ministerial duties for the UK.  Alok has always been a staunch supporter in our fight to save Pincents Hill, even going so far as to march around the streets of Calcot and Tilehurst delivering leaflets on our behalf.  His help and support has been invaluable.  We are a non political organisation and was originally formed with Martin Salter and Niki Sealey in 2008.  Even the Liberal Democrats also delivered leaflets for us, so on one front and perhaps for the only time all parties were united to fight this.  A big thank you to our past and present MPs - your help is much appreciated.

If anyone has any queries concerning this development that you think the Group can answer, please if you can submit these through the facebook site and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Representations may be submitted by email to or by letter to the Head of Development and Planning, Council Offices,
Market Street, NewburyRG14 5LD.  

 It is understood that the date for the Planning Committe to decide the planning application will possibly be rushed through for 10th March 2021.  Once the actual date is definitely confirmed, we will update this website.

Below is a formatted page with all the details needed for both the postal and e-mail address.  However it will be slightly different this time.  A criticism was made at the last appeal that already formatted etters were more like a petition which do not carry as much weight as original letters, so a list of reasons for objection will be shown separately and there will be others that are not listed that people may wish to use.  Also we understand that if we emphasize that this development is against West Berkshires own policies that will have an even greater impact.  The only one the writer has found so far is Policy C1. Which is against development in the countryside.

However, the site was not allocated in the Local Development Plan, and the National Planning Policy Framework (19th February 2019) states "the planning system should be genuinely plan-lead" and that planning applications requiring planning permission "be determined in accordance with the development plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise".  There are none that we are aware of, other than perhaps the pressure on West Berks to ensure Government figures on County Councils to fulfill the requisite housing needs.  However, it is up to the Council where to build and it is not written by the Government that Pincents Hill should be their selected site.

TOWN has submitted alterations/amendments to their Planning Application and it is specifically on these matters that West Berks is seeking people's views basically on criticisms or concerns.  Although I don't think it will hurt to criticise or support the application if that is what you would like to do, it shows the residents feelings.

The writer would like to state that the Groups are not opposed to the building of new homes, however we do think that this is an inappropriate site for development.  This piece of land once formed part of 1,000 acres of common land and only Prospect Park, Pincents Hill and Armour Road Allotments (if they still exist) remain.  This open space is a valued recreation area especially in this day and age where gardens are getting more and more pocket hankychief size and people who live in flats have access to it.  It is a valued asset especially with Covid.

West Berks would seem to tacitly recognise that this area should not be built on as this site was not included in West Berks DPD, the writer would suggest the reasoning behind this is that this area is outside the settlement area and forms a strategic gap between Tilehurst, Calcot and Theale.  The Inspector said it was a matter of key concern at the public enquiry in 2017 and matters raised at public enquiries also form background information at any other appeals/enquiries.TOWN's statement in their Executive Summary of their Amended Proposals stated that the only reason this application did not get through was because at that time IKEA's proposed opening and the traffic flows were not known and so their application was put on hold. Not so there were other reasons too. West Berks Highways Department stated that in principle Pincents Lane could cope traffwise but IKEA's car park caused the problems, but the writer also thinks that the volume of traffic didn't help either.

Trafficwise, from the various 5 developments that either have been passed or proposed there would be a figure of nearly 900 homes to be built in Tilehurst, Holybrook and Theale.  So realistically an holistic approach should be taken for the true impact on traffic in the area.

The writer has received many requests as to where to find the information about this development.  You can view this on West Berkshire Planning, click on Planning, then simple search.  Then there is a tab that says STATUS (at the moment it will say all) click on that and it will come up with 2 options, click on current.

It will then say enter Keyword, etc
Either type in:  Land at East of Pincents Lane  (or)

a new screen will come up and at the top of the new page you will see various options typed in green - click on documents and it will come up with "view associated documents" it will take a little while (as there is a lengthy list to come up) and every public document with this case will come up even letters opposing the development as well as those supporting it.






Head of Development and Planning,
Planning Policy,
Planning and Countryside,
West Berkshire Council
Market Street
Berkshire RG14 5LD


        Dear Sir,

        Re:     Case No:  19/00113/OUTMAJ - Land at East of Pincents Lane 
       I object to original application and the recently posted amendments for the
       following reasons:- 




Tuesday November 2nd November 2018

Update on TOWN's proposal for development on Pincents Hill

The writers' apologies for the delay in updating this website but I was waiting for the final figure of dwellings to be submitted for a proposed planning application by TOWN.  This is now confirmed as 265 dwellings in their scoping assessment to West Berkshire Council.

Although this is a much improved plan it is in the writers’ opinion not good enough for Tilehurst for the following reasons:-  

It is development in the countryside which contravenes Policy C1.

It is not included in the Local Development Plan and the NPPF states that the system should be genuinely plan led and applications for planning permission be determined in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise. We know of no such considerations to have been taken into account by West Berks concerning this planning application on this site.
The hill forms a strategic gap which still meets the criteria to do so which means it is outside the settlement area whereby there is a presumption against development,

It will, in spite of landscaping proposals, still impact on the AONB both with noise and light.

It is out of character with Pincents Manor and the nearby houses.

We object to Pincents Lane being used as an Emergency Accessway, as this is used by a good number of pedestrians, joggers, cyclists and horse riders and the idea of having high speed vehicles down the narrow winding dark lane is nonsensical.  It is used more as a footpath rather than a road.

he density of housing is too great and in effect will have the same impact as a ghetto.

The traffic assessment has been carried out by the same firm that performed IKEA's assessment, the only reason that the figures are now what was predicted is because of the troubles with the traffic queues from the car park and many people are avoiding parking in the car park.  Also the Group still has problems agreeing the traffic assessment.

West Berkshire has admitted that two of the schools in the area are full and another is nearing capacity.  No definite proposals by West Berks to improve provision other than saying that they anticipate the CIL monies from the developer will assist.

There could well be an issue over one access and exit road from the development.  Also adding to the access and exit from the Sainsbury's roundabout which at peak times is saturated.

Most people are experiencing problems and/or delays with doctors' appointments.  Although TOWN says it will supply a building that could be used as a medical facility the NHS has said it is not willing to take this up.

The hill’s history alone should be a reason for non development.  This land and most of Tilehurst, in the not too distant past, was common land and common land to the writer’s understanding is protected and should never be built on.  All that is left of 1,000 acres of this common land is Prospect Park, the Armour Road allotments and Pincents Hill.  The old saying – 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

The Highways Authority has said that Junction 12 forms part of the busiest section of the M4 into London so, in order to alleviate the problem it is being made into a smart motorway.  So add the traffic flows from another 5 developments in the area and it doesn’t need brains to see that the resulting extra car journeys will place a strain on the existing roads and motorway.

So this development and any other in the area would not be sustainable as we do not have the infrastructure to support any more development.


Tuesday September 18th September 2018

New development of 285 homes proposed for Pincents Hill

The owners of the land TOWN and its partner U-1 are holding a series of exhibitions showing their proposal to develop this site.

The plan is for 285 homes on a much smaller area of the hill than before with a 19 acre area of public open space as a park/village green to be kept as open space in perpetuity which means it can never be built on.  The access to the site will be from the lower end of Pincents Lane with no through road from the new development to the North of the site to Little Heath Road, City Road, etc.

If you would like to see the plans and have your say on any problems or suggestions then there are to be public exhibitions at 

          The Calcot Centre, Highview, Calcot, Reading, RG31 4XD 

on the following days:

Thursday 20th September: 2-8pm

Friday 21st September: 2-7pm

Saturday 22nd September: 11am-2pm


Members of the project team will be available to answer question with breakout areas for those who would like an opportunity for detailed discussion on any aspects of the proposal.

The writer has a number of concerns mainly as to the visual impact of any development on the hill, the access to the site with the lack of services to support any more development to this part of West Berkshire.  However, will withhold judgement until consultations are complete.


Turnharms Farm (Pincents Hill)
DPD reference EUA007
Pincents Hill has a softening approach to the AONB and is a well recognised landmark for Tilehurst. The Anglo Saxons gave it its current name (Tigel – Tile and Hurst – wooded hill), so it is the wooded hill where tiles were made from approx 450 a.d. this hill gave the area its name. There is no central hub to the part of Tilehurst that comes under the Parish of Tilehurst and this hill gives the area a sense of place.  It has been well used for recreation purposes, it forms a gap between the settlements of Calcot, Tilehurst and Theale and forms a break in concrete sprawl. It is unspoilt and natural, supporting a large number of badger sets, foxes, etc, the last large green area left in Tilehurst
Blackthorn Close
DPD reference: EUA0033
Within the AONB, the field that runs behind Blackthorn Close and alongside the rural end of Long Lane is currently used for grazing (as you can see in our pic). The field is lined on two sides with hedgerows, and on the Long Lane edge with trees, some of which are covered by preservation orders. 
Clements Mead
DPD reference: EUA0031
Clements Mead field is large open space that sits between Hall Place Stables and Clements Mead. It runs alongside the Cornwell Centre site and the playing field which is constantly used by dog walkers and local children. It is one of the few visible open spaces on this side of Tilehurst and contributes to the open feeling of the neighbouring area.
Stoneham's Farm
DPD reference: EAU003 & EUA008
The site at Stoneham's Farm is within the AONB and opens onto the stretch of countryside that separates the eastern edge of Tilehurst from Pangbourne and Tidmarsh. The site has long been the starting point for country walks not only for local residents, but for people who come from all over the area to enjoy the open rural space.
Meadowside Field
DPD reference: EAU032
The Meadowside Field site sits between Barefoot and Cornwell Copse, with Sulham Lane on one side and the houses at Meadowside on the other. The site is currently used for grazing, and is an essential green buffer between existing development and the rural roadway. EUA032 is currently not on the WBC DPD but has been submitted as a viable option by Darcliffe Homes and as a result is part of the KTG campaign.

September 2015
West Berks Council has now said that the date for the DPD decision is 5th November at St. Bartholomew's School, Newbury. We  tried to get the venue changed by saying there will probably be 200-300 people from Tilehurst wishing to attend and would it be possible to have a more local venue.  However it s not just an Eastern Area decision it is also affects areas to the West. However, as it is apparently not written in stone and has already been changed twice and may possibly change again, the website will be upgraded to keep you informed of any changes either to the date or venue. We have asked our councillors to see if the meeting that will state which areas are to be included in the DPD could perhaps be split into two dates, one for the western area and another for the eastern area, with only the information that is relevant to each to be made known to the relevant meeting.

August 2015
West Berks has said that the DPD decision date has been put back to late Autumn, probably October. Then there is the six week statutory consultation period to receive letters of objection, after which the Council prepares a resume of the replies and forwards that on to the Inspector for the final decision.
I asked why two lots of letters were required, one before the DPD and one after. The first was an unofficial consultation period, the second is the more important one to be submitted in precis to the Inspector. This should clear up any misunderstanding.

Have no doubt this will be the biggest battle to save Pincents Hill against development that we have yet faced and if there are any people willing to help with distribution and collection of letters of objection even just to do the street that you live in, it would be a great help.  Beyond Green have already suggested two sites for development on the Hill and these are shown on the SHLAA maps, so if they are included in the DPD they will be ready to apply for Outline Planning Consent.  However is it not just these two sites that the red line for Outline Planning is shown, but it is drawn to include the entirety of the Hill.

There are four other sites that have been suggested for possible development and please also if you have concerns then please support them too.  However  the group believes that the loss of the Hill as a gap between settlements, preserving the identity of the area,  the extra traffic and the loss of the softening approach to the AONB would change the character of the area irreparably. 

June 2015
As most of you will be aware, but for those who are not, West Berks Council has postponed the decision to select the sites to be developed for housing ("the Development Plan Document - DPD") until we believe the 16th September.   We are hoping that all the reasons put forward in the objection letters will prevent its inclusion in the DPD.  However, if this is not the case, this will be the biggest fight that we will ever have to face to protect this site and we will need all the help we can get.  A big "thank you" to everyone who helped and/or wrote in, you have been absolutely fantastic in the way you have all rallied round and we hope that if the need arises we can count on you yet again.  We will organise a public meeting if Pincents Hill should unfortunately be named in the DPD.

There is a new initiative called the
Tilehurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan

With apologies to Peter Cross for stealing the information from his e-mail:
This has been mainly set up by members of the Keep Tilehurst Green organisation with the addition of Julia Gentle and the writer Joan, but we need more imput and help from the residents of the Birch Copse Ward.  We need to know what is needed in the area, services, amenities, etc, how you envisage these needs developing and help with gathering information and data.  If you are interested in the future of the Birch Copse Ward, then please come to the next meeting on TUESDAY 16 JUNE at the CALCOT CENTRE, Highview, Calcot RG31 4XD ay 7.30pm. and thereafter every first Tuesday of each month, again in the Calcot Centre even if just to hear your views on the subject.
The objectives of the next meeting are to hopefully select or appoint a small Steering Group to manage the Plan and to agree on the Constitution - which will then allow us to make real progress on the Plan itself. We also need to consider the most effective ways of spreading the word of the Neighbourhood Plan across the parish before the necessary consultation rounds begin; not just residents but local businesses, schools and social and religious institutions
If you know anyone else who may be interested in joining the team, please feel free to invite them to come along. I do hope that most, if not all of you can join us on the 16 June; the anticipated workload isn't too high at this stage - but we do need a hard core of volunteers.  If interested, please either contact me via the link of Peter on
With thanks and kind regards,
Peter Cross
for the Tilehurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan
May 2015
Anthony Chadley elected as Councillor in May elections and has stepped down as Vice Chair to the Group.
February 2015
Anthony Chadley to stand as Councillor in May elections
Read the announcement

A message from Joan Lawrie

January 2015
West Berkshire confirmed that the DPD process would be delayed until at least May 2015 so all responses and issues can be addressed. Copies of the letters sent by Joan Lawrie and Anthony Chadley, co-chairs of the Save Pincents Hill campaign can be read in the download area.

To try and ensure that any future developments in ALL of Tilehurst is sustainable and suitable for our area, Tilehurst Parish Council are trying to implement a Neighbourhood Plan, although this process may take 2-3 years to implement it will secure planning decisions suitable for our area. If you are interested in helping then please email us at 

A good article on the process can be read on our friends and local objectors website (click on the link at the bottom of the "thank you" article)

November 2014
Due to the overwhelming response in the consultation, created by nearly 4500 objectors from Tilehurst (out of a total of 6800) West Berkshire Council have been forced to delay the process to take count of the points raised.

To ensure the number of objectors are not ignored we have sent an open letter to the councillors pointing out the proportion of Tilehurst residents who made up the totals.

A copy of the letter can be read here;

August 2014
During August and up to 12th September, West Berks held their consultation on the DPD. If West Berks get their way then Pincents Hill will be included within their housing plan and will ensure a development will go ahead. A good local response resulted in an overwhelming rejection of this plan, with some excellent technical arguments and passionat objections. 

A result on wether Pincents Hill is excluded is not expected until December.

July 2014
West Berkshire have started the official consultation on the DPD, we are very concerned that Pincents Hill is listed as a "preferred site" and the resulting change in "Gap Policies" will mean that Theale, Calcot and Tilehurst will in effect merge. We will be reviewing all the information over the next few days and consulting with Alok Sharma to ensure our response is effective. Please keep checking the news, or become our friend on facebook to make sure you have the latest news.

The results of the survey sent out by Alok Sharma are now in, there were 721 surveys returned, which in itself is an exceptional response, of those 90% were against any development. This is a clear demonstration of local opinion, we now need to ensure this is carried forward in our fight to ensure Pincents Hill remains safe.

Alok's comments can be read on the "Get Reading" website

June 2014
Alok Sharma, the MP for Reading West, has been a great defender of Pincents Hill. He has sent a letter and questionnaire to 3000 local residents asking for their opinion on what should happen in the future on Pincents Hill.

The survey is now available online via this link; Survey

You can read his letter to residents here; Alok Sharma Letter

We strongly recommend you tick the "no development box" and return it as requested. Our opinion is that once a development starts then it will just be a matter of time before it fills up Pincents Hill.

We hope Alok receives your questionnaire back, this will serve as a mandate for him to use his influence to block any development. 

Please make sure you fill in and return your questionnaire, every one of them will count in helping to make Pincents Hill safe.

If you did not receive a questionnaire, then don't worry, there will be a method to record your opinion available within the next day or so. Please check back here, or join our facebook site - see the link below or on the home page.

We would like to thank the volunteers who, along with Alok and his team delivered the 3000 letters. If you would like to help in the future then please email us

May 2014
West Berkshire currently have included Pincents Hill in the draft Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). This could be taken forward into the preferred sites in the Development Delivery Program (DPD) - please see FAQ page for further information.

At the moment Pincents Hill is outside the existing settlement area on which housing is allowed to be built, but this could be changed during the current process.

Please download and send the email objecting to development on Pincents Hill - 

Find it in the Download Area 

During the consultation period your voice matters! We will need you to write to, or email, West Berkshire Council and raise your objections and concerns. We have a template letter you can download in our DOWNLOAD AREA, but to really make your voice heard it is essential you personalise this as much as possible. We have listed many reasons to object to having Pincents Hill developed, but add your own, or take out ones you don't agree with. The important thing to do is change it so its from you rather than a standard letter. The impact of having hundreds of individual letters will be many, many times more useful than having the same letter delivered.

If you want to understand the process better, and have some of your questions answered then please visit our FAQ section.

June 2014
We are now on Facebook  



During the consultation period starting this June the Council will shortly be voting on the allocation of new housing sites (“SHLAA”).  As stated above at the moment Pincents Hill is outside the existing settlement area on which housing is allowed to be built but this could be changed at this local development meeting should a majority of the Councilors vote to include Pincents Hill in the settlement area because of Government pressures. Could we please ask you to lobby your local Councilors to influence their decision and to let them know how you feel and also please could you take 5 minutes of your time to write to or email the Council at the address shown below (or on our Download Area) with some suggested reasons why this area should be excluded from the allocation for housing. Every letter counts, if you want to help stop this site being included as a possible development area.

Planning Policy Team

West Berkshire Council,

Planning and Countryside,

Council Offices,

Market Street,

Newbury RG14 5LD


Your Councilors:

Ward: Calcot

Brian Bedwell

12 Grangely Close Calcot Reading Berkshire RG31 7DR

Home Tel:(0118) 942 0196   



Peter Argyle          

32 Kernham Drive Tilehurst Reading Berkshire RG31 6GB

Home Tel: (0118) 943 1148  



Manohar Gopal     

5 Kettering Close Calcot Reading Berkshire RG31 7DF

  Home Tel: (0118) 941 0835     Mobile: 07900 372323



Ward: Birch Copse

Tony Linden         

7 Knollmead Calcot Reading Berkshire RG31 7DQ

Home Tel:(0118) 941 0724       Mobile: 07771617508   



Joe Mooney          

15 Childrey Way Tilehurst Reading Berkshire RG31 5EA

Home Tel:-(0118) 941 2649



Emma Webster

12 Willow Tree Glade Calcot Reading RG31 7AZ

Home Tel: (0118) 941 1676 




Ward: Theale

Alan Macro

17 The Green Theale Reading Berkshire RG7 5DR

Work Tel: 01784 478371          Mobile: 07775 628108


                    Ward: Westwood

Laszlo Zverko       

39 Ullswater Drive Tilehurst Reading Berkshire RG31 6RS

Mobile: 0771 2858197  



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