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We are a non political group who are fighting to keep Pincents Hill as a green oasis in the spreading urban sprawl and to prevent it from becoming a concreted extension to Reading.  We need to keep the Strategic Gap, or green space, separating the villages of Tilehurst, Calcot and Theale so that we can retain our identity, our sense of place.  The last big natural open space remaining of the 1000 acres of common land that used to belong to Tilehurst.  The land that is teaming with wildlife - part of the corridor ridge that extends to Reading.

We are extremely grateful for the support of our current MP Alok Sharma (Conservative) who has been unstinting with his help and support and without whose help we may well have lost our earlier battles with developers.  Even now he is arranging for a flyer to be printed on our behalf and distributed to 3000 homes which surely goes to prove his commitment to the fight to preserve our beautiful unspoilt area of countryside which is our landmark.  

We would also like to put on record our grattitude to Martin Salter (Labour) our former MP who fought very hard to keep the Strategic Gap from being developed and also Liberal Democrats and Green Party for their articles in the local press offering their support - all help is very much appreciated.

Also thank you to our MEP James Elles who has special Conservative responsibility for the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire for giving his support. 

A special thank you to the members of the Group who have given up so much of their time and money - a very special dedicated team.  It has taken all their efforts and dedication with the help of local residents who wish to ensure that future generations can enjoy this beautiful hill and its wildlife.  Thank you to all concerned.

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