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Our friends

Our local MP, Alok Sharma, has been a great support and driving force in keeping Pincents Hill safe. You can keep up to date on how Alok is supporting our community at; 

You can access the Alok Sharma Pincents Hill Survey directly here;

Other places to object

West Berkshire are promoting other sites in Tilehurst for development. We believe that the added impact to services, roads and loss of wildlife is unnaceptable. We would encourage you to visit "Love Tilehurst" and "keep Tilehurst Green" 

Policy documents

If you would like to read the policies of West Berkshire Planning, then you can use this link to go directly to their Development Plan Document (DPD)

The Preferred Options DPD sets out the preferred housing sites, with Pincents Hill listed in the "Eastern Area" can be found here

The Core Strategy relating directly to the "Eastern Area" (keep your eyes open on the second page for this little gem! "The Eastern Area of West Berkshire will accommodate approximately 1400 new homes during the plan period, in order to support the growth of the Reading area") can be found here;

t's a bit of a struggle to find the relevant documents, so if you want to read about the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assesment then use this short-cut;

Of particular relevance is the Eastern Urban Area, Page 8, EUA007: Turnhams Farm, Pincents Lane, Tilehurst (they gave it a different name just to try and confuse us! - check it out here;

Many people are finding the "SHLAA" and the DPD confusing, so please see an idiot's guide to them, when I say idiots guide I mean me, the writer not anyone reading this: 

Explanation of the West Berks DPD

Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) Preferred Options
At the beginning of the year West Berks County Council invited developers and land owners to suggest plots/areas of land that they thought would be viable for West Berks to consider suitable for housing development.
Approx 6 months later in June, West Berks published a package of sites possibly suitable for this purpose and this was called the draft Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment or “SHLAA” for short. They considered this list and for various reasons some sites were not considered suitable and they prepared a shorter list called the Preferred Sites for the SHLAA. This they then sent out to us, the general public, to make comment on whether we thought they were suitable or not. We are now well into the six week period for consultation with all reasons not to develop being taken into consideration. The deadline by which all letters and emails from us to be received by West Berks is 12th September.
There are various other stages to be considered but this is the stage we are at now, so if you don’t want a specific area to be included in the SCHLAAyou can follow the advice we have given for Turnham’s Farm/Pincents Hill on this website, but we would ask you please to include this site and the AONB as not being sustainable for development. There is no reason why you cannot include multiple sites. Please remember to quote your site reference number.

Once all the sites have been selected this list is then incorporated in a document called the DPD.
Nearer the end of the year West Berks will send the DPD to the Secretary of State for consideration and if he is happy with the content he will rubber stamp it, if not it will sent back to be worked on further and then resubmitted.
The reason for the time gap is that all necessary items to included in the sites, like roads, transport, accessibility, schools, landscaping etc.  that are essential to make any development work properly have been included.
Hope this helps.

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